Monday, October 21, 2013

The first blog of many....

The Usual Suspects Band, hailing from Chelmsford, MA, has been around for a long long time.  I'm the newbie to the group with only a year under my belt and somehow I've taken the reins on this social media thingy.

1. New Website - check
2. Updated Facebook Page - check
3. Twitter account - coming soon or never
4. Blog - checkity check, here we go

So why should you follow a blog about a little unknown band from the Merrimack valley of Massachusetts?

1.  The drummer is my husband!  Maybe your related to one of the 8 members of the band so you have to follow them to support your family.  This should get us at least 8 followers.  It's a start!

2.  The drummer is not my husband but I know him.   So you lost out on your chance to marry a rockstar.  That's ok, you can still be friends with one and support them along their journey.  This should get us 2 -3 more followers per band mate so that's another 16-24.  Woo hoo!

3.  I work with the drummer.   You didn't marry a rockstar and you're not hanging out at his house, but you do see him 5 days a week in the break room.   We spend more time with our colleagues than our friends and sometimes our family.  Support your co-worker and that might lead to backstage passes at his next show. (Disclaimer : Usually we don't have a backstage, or if we do it's a kitchen or the outside of a building).  Everyone works with at least 3 people so there's 24 more!

If I did my math correctly we now have 56 followers!  Hot damn!

Thanks for following our blog, family friends and coworkers!

What?!  You've read this far and you still haven't joined?  Ok, time to bring out the big guns.  I was going to save this for a future blog but I can see you still need convincing.

Please follow our blog

There he is.  Puss in Boots!  How can you say no to those eyes!  Maybe you don't like cats?  Ok then, here's one for the dog lovers.

They are holding me hostage to promote their blog.  Save me please!

You don't like dogs or cats?!  How about a baby?

Happy baby!

He's so happy.....for now.  Don't make the baby sad.  It's my baby and I don't like it when he's sad.

Alrighty then.  I tried all methods and if you're still not convinced then be gone with you!  For those that have stuck around, I post about the band, its members, the music, magic, bbq, kung fu, and anything else that I feel like writing about at the time.

Thanks and talk to you soon!


Coming up in the next edition:
FAME Music Cafe and Halloween Extravaganza!